Journal Papers

Troussov, A., Darena, F., ika, J., Parra, D., Brusilovsky, P. Vectorised Spreading Activation Algorithm for Centrality Measurement. Acta Universitatis agriculturae et silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis. 2011. sv. LIX, no. 7, s. 469--476. ISSN 1211-8516. [pdf]

Conference Papers

Katrien Verbert, Denis Parra, Peter Brusilovsky, Erik Duval (2013) Visualizing Recommendations to Support Exploration, Transparency and Controllability. proceedings of the 18th Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces. Santa Monica, CA, USA. March 19-22 2013. [pre-print]

Christoph Trattner, Yi-Ling Lin, Denis Parra, Zhen Yue, and Peter Brusilovsky (2012) Evaluating Tag-Based Information Access in Image Collections. 23rd ACM Conference on Hypertext and Adaptive Hypermedia. Milwaukee, WI, USA, June 25-28, 2012 () [pdf] [doi]

Hsiao, I-H., Guerra, J., Parra, D., Bakalov, F., Knig-Ries, B., and Brusilovsky, P. (2012) Comparative Social Visualization for Personalized E-Learning. International Working Conference Advanced Visual Interfaces, AVI 2012, Capri, Italy, May 21-25, 2012 [pdf] [doi]

Denis Parra, Xavier Amatriain. Walk the Talk: Analyzing the Relation between Implicit and Explicit Feedback for Preference Elicitation. UMAP 2011, Girona, Spain. () [pdf]

Denis Parra-Santander, Peter Brusilovsky. Improving Collaborative Filtering in Social Tagging Systems for the Recommendation of Scientific Articles. Web Intelligence 2010, Toronto, Canada. [pdf]

Peter Brusilovsky, Denis Parra, S. Sahebi, C. Wongchokprasitti. Collaborative information finding in smaller communities: The case of research talks. CollaborateCom 2010, Chicago, IL, USA. [pdf]

D. Parra, P. Brusilovsky, Collaborative Filtering for Social Tagging Systems: an Experiment with CiteULike. RecSys 2009, New York, NY, USA. [pdf]

Book Chapters

Denis Parra, Shaghayegh Sahebi. Recommender Systems: Sources of Knowledge and Evaluation Metrics Chapter 7 in Advanced Techniques in Web Intelligence-2: Web User Browsing Behaviour and Preference Analysis, Ed. Juan Velasquez et al., Springer-Verlag, 2013. In press [.bib]

Workshop Papers & Posters

Julio Guerra, Denis Parra, Peter Brusilovsky. Encouraging Online Student Reading with Social Visualization. 2nd Workshop on Intelligent Support in Learning Groups in conjunction with 16th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education AIED 2013; Memphis, USA, July 9-13, 2013. [pdf] []

Denis Parra. Beyond Lists: Studying the Effect of Different Recommendation Visualizations. Doctoral Symposium. In Proceedings of the sixth ACM conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys 2012). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 333-336. [pdf] [doi] [acm]

Denis Parra, Wei Jeng, Peter Brusilovsky, Claudia Lopez, Shaghayegh Sahebi. Conference Navigator 3: An Online Social Conference Support System. Poster at UMAP 2012. Montreal, Canada. [pdf]

Cristian Miranda, Julio Guerra, Denis Parra, Eliana Scheihing. A Hybrid Peer Recommender System for an Online Community of Teachers. Social Web Recommenders Workshop at UMAP 2012. Montreal, Canada. [pdf]

Denis Parra, Alexandros Karatzoglou, Xavier Amatriain, Idil Yavuz. Implicit Feedback Recommendation via Implicit-to-Explicit Ordinal Logistic Regression Mapping. In CARS Workshop at RecSys 2011. Chicago, IL, USA. [pdf]

Chirayu Wongchokprasitti, Peter Brusilovsky, Denis Parra. Conference Navigator 2.0 : Community-Based Recommendation for Academic Conferences. Workshop - IUI 2010, hong-Kong, China. [pdf]

A. Troussov, D. Parra, P. Brusilovsky. Spreading Activation Approach to Tag-aware Recommenders: Modelling Similarity on Multidimensional Networks, Workshop on Recommender Systems, RecSys 2009, New York, NY, USA. [pdf]

D. Parra, P. Brusilovsky. Evaluation of Collaborative Filtering Algorithms for Recommending Articles on CiteULike, Workshop on Web 3.0, Hypertext 2009, Torino, Italy. [pdf]

E. Scheihing, S. Carrasco, D. Guerra, D. Parra. An Adaptive Web Platform based on a Multiagent System and Ontologies, TISE 2005, Santiago, Chile. [pdf]