Education Details

Last update: 2009-06-18

University of Pittsburgh:
Pursuing the PhD degree at the Information Science and Technology Program.
Classes already/currently taken:
Fall 2008:

  • Data Mining
  • Introduction to Doctoral Program
  • System Analysis
Spring 2009:
  • Information Retrieval
  • Research Seminar
  • Special Topics: The Adaptive Web
  • Hunan Information Processing
Fall 2009:
  • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
  • Statistics I
  • Independent Study
  • Introduction Neural Networks
Spring 2010:
  • Doctoral Seminar: The Social Web
  • Doctoral Seminar: Recommender Systems
  • Web Technologies and Standards
  • Research Seminar

Universidad Austral de Chile(1997-2002):
Civil Engineering in Informatics program. Degree: Bachelor of Engineering Sciences, minor in Informatics Professional Title: Civil Engineer in Informatics

Instituto Salesiando de Valdivia(1985-1996):
Primary, Secondary and High School.