Denis Parra


Departamento Ciencia de la Computación
Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Macul
Santiago, Chile
zip code 7820436

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Hi! I am Denis, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, in the School of Engineering at PUC Chile. My research interests are Recommender Systems, Intelligent User Interfaces, and Information Visualization and I am currently leading the SocVis Research Group.
If you are interested on these topics and want to work under my supervision as Master or PhD student, send me an e-mail to dparra[at]ing[dot]puc[dot]cl.

Selected Projects

TalkExplorer, recommendation with multiple prospects of relevance SetFusion, hybrid recommendation of conference articles Moodplay, recommendation of music artists
TalkExplorer [conf][journal][demo] SetFusion [conf][journal][video] [slides] [demo] Moodplay [conf] [video][demo]
A Survey on Interactive Recommender Systems
*for pre-prints of these articles, check my publications page


August 2017 I attended the ACM RecSys 2017 conference in Como, Italy. This was the first time I attended with my advised students, so it was a great experience! find some pictures here. We presented two posters in the main conference: pyRecLab: A Software Library for Quick Prototyping of Recommender Systems with Gabriel Sepulveda, Vicente Dominguez, and Towards a Recommender System for Undergraduate Research. with Felipe Del Rio, Jovan Kuzmicic, and Erick Svec. Moreover, we presented one poster in the Deep Learning for RecSys workshop, our work on artwork recommendation using visual features. I also presented a demo of the last version of Moodplay, a work we are doing with students Raimundo Herrera and Pablo Pino. Finally, I also co-organized the Large Scale RecSys (LSRS 2017) workshop, again a great experience!

June 2017 In a collaboration with professors Christoph Trattner and David Elsweiler, we have published a journal article at PLoS One journal: Monitoring obesity prevalence in the United States through bookmarking activities in online food portals. We analyzed data from the web site and online community as well as official census data on obesity prevalence in the US, and we were able to related these data, showing that it is possible to understand health issues from aggregating users' activity online. Check more details in the paper, it is Open Access.

March 2017 I receive a WWW 2017 Outstanding Reviewer Award. I am really flattered and glad of this award, since I believe that good constructive reviews (even those rejecting my work) have helped me a lot on improving my research, and I try to do the same for others.

March 2017 A new term starts in Chile in March. I will be teaching IIC1005 Introduction to Computer Science, as well as a module on Recommender Systems in the professional diploma on Big Data at PUC Chile. In march I am attending the IUI 2017 conference (Limassol, Cyprus) and I will also travel to Brasil as part of the committee of the master thesis of Luiz Raul Sanchez Vazquez at Federal University of Minas Gerais, invited by his advisor, Professor Rodrygo Santos.

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